Property Managers

We understand the rigors of property management

At CabledIN, we have a long history of providing electrical and air conditioning services to property managers, supplying electrical repair, maintenance, and installation services for their property portfolios.

We have a fully automated system which keeps tenants, property managers and owners up to date every step of the way. As a property managers preferred electrician we offer true 24/7 support for any questions you may have. 

List 4 core components / features of this service

Real-time activity updates

You have the ability to log in and see the real-time activity of all your jobs at any time, including when the tenant was called, the job is booked, and when it is completed.

Qualified, licensed electricians

Our highly skilled and trained, friendly electricians have exceptional knowledge and experience in what rental properties need. We are known for turning up on time and professionally completing the work with limited disruption to the tenants.

Smoke alarm compliance

We can check smoke alarms, replace batteries, assess if they are in the right location, and test the RCDs for correct trip times.

Electrical health report

An electrical health report checks the condition and functionality of all electrical fixtures throughout the property, including a switchboard safety check.

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